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funny dating show questionsawesomegoals    cambridge, England
I enjoy art, painting, the great outdoors and renovating my house. I would like marriage and kids one day.
love at first sight possiblelovesong    North Salt Lake, Utah
I'm an active, outgoing, social, playful, creative, loving and a positive girl. I love camping at the beach, wine, dinning, hiking, paddle boarding, Harley Rides, cooking, Dodger games, movies
how to deactivate match comgujju    Houma, Louisiana
My hobbies include my job because I so enjoy and love dealing with people and taking pictures of them and their loved ones. I am ambitious and focused on what I do and I always give every task 100%.
can you make yourself fall in love with someonemotali2    Jacksonville, Florida
Time to try and get a date again after a long sabatical ;-). Stranger things happen at sea (apparently)!(And not sure what a 'Straight Edge' is, but nothing else really rang a bell ;-)

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